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  Manufucture and sale of Japanese traditional clothes



fabrics sample!! 
 If you would like to buy "SAMUE", please tell us your height and the size of
your waist. We can make YOUR "SAMUE" which fits you perfect.
We have 4 types of jackets in all and also 12 types of pants in all, as you can see below.
Please tell us your choice by E-mail.
"SAMUE" is for common use by both sex. But if you want, we can open your
pants for male.(zipper) We are looking forward to your mail.

PleaseE-mail us your name ,sex,address,height,waist size, choice of
jacket(A or B type and sleeve type) and pants(the waist and the cuffs type) and the color of cloth. We can send you a sample of cloth.

The price of "SAMUE" is 13.650yen〜(Japanese size S.M.L).
(Prices differ by size and cloth.)

 We are a sewing company.
Special orders are welcome !!


High-Quality! Low-price!!
 We are a sewing company. We make mainly Japanese traditional clothes, for example samue, hakama, haori etc., since 1978. We introduce to you Japanese culture. And We hope a great many people wear Jpanese traditional clothes.

company info 
  Foundation: since 1978
  Adress: 〒824-0027
  618 takase, Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Japan
  Facimile: 0930-25-6784

If you have an interrest, please inquire cheerfully to a URL above mentioned. .And we will send you fabrics sample, if you need it. In that case we will need your address. We are looking forward to your oder by E-mail.