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  Manufucture and sale of Japanese traditional clothes


Jinbaori (陣羽織)


 Jinbaori is from the begining a overgarment which a worrier had worn on a buttlefield in the age of wars. It was a costume of a samurai being pride, which appealed his whereabouts and activity on buttlefield besides purpose of protections agaist cold and rain gear. This goods is a thing which make Jinbaori of old casual.



 Sodenashibaori is sleeveless haori. Being unlike Jinbaori, it is worn by turning a collar to outside. This photograph introduces wearing over a hangi. Pants is a hakama.



Sodetsukibaori is a haori which has sleeves. 
This photograph introduces wearing over a hangi. Pants is a hakama.

 We are a sewing company.
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 We are a sewing company. We make mainly Japanese traditional clothes, for example samue, hakama, haori etc., since 1978. We introduce to you Japanese culture. And We hope a great many people wear Jpanese traditional clothes.

company info 
  Foundation: since 1978
  Adress: 〒824-0027
  618 takase, Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Japan
  Facimile: 0930-25-6784

If you have an interrest, please inquire cheerfully to a URL above mentioned. .And we will send you fabrics sample, if you need it. In that case we will need your address. We are looking forward to your oder by E-mail.